Which Suits Character Are You?

Are you Harvey Specter, Mike Ross or Louis Litt?

With season 7 part B of TV series Suits set to air this week on 28th March (29th March in the UK) on Netflix, we have rounded up some of the best suits from characters Harvey Specter, Mike Ross and Louis Litt over the seven seasons. Since it premiered in 2011, we’ve seen a range of great suits featured on the show (including many designed by Tom Ford). They give us serious style inspiration and suit envy!

Style is of great importance to the characters, with Harvey Spector himself stating, “People respond to how we’re dressed, so like it or not this is what you have to do [dress well].” With the show revolving around top class New York lawyers, perfectly tailored suits are key.

  • We begin with Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), most – if not all – of whose suits are custom made by Tom Ford. Harvey’s suits are a classic cut and fitted at the waist section, a style that conveys his powerful character’s high levels of competence and influence. His appearance is flawless from his hair to his shoes, showcasing his slim cut suit style. Harvey tends to go for grey, black, navy and charcoal suits teamed with a white shirt. The focus is on high quality yet simple, timeless fabrics. Simple is more for Harvey Specter.
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  • Mike Ross’ (Patrick Adams) style has a more modern twist, with a youthful vibe and adds in some colour. Mike wears slimmer cut blazers, a white shirt, tie and trousers as the basis of all his outfits. This is combined with his iconic messenger bag which he has sported since season 1, making his outfit a mixture of both professional and casual once he departs the office on his classic bike (which we also see right from the start in season 1). This suits his character’s personality to a tee as it represents his serious work side but also that he is still learning from Harvey and his style is evolving over the seasons alongside his experience and knowledge in the New York law world.
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  • Finally we have Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman), whose style represents choas but perseverance. Throughout the seven seasons Louis wears Italian designer suits, such as Armani and Canali. Louis’ outfits mix the use of colour, fabrics and pattern to represent his eccentric personality and sense of fun, sometimes fearlessly wearing pattern on pattern – something generally considered a fashion faux pas. His looks get bolder as his story progresses throughout the series. In several episodes he states he was ‘born ready in a suit’, which suggests an aggressive nature but also that he is ready to tackle any business problem when they arise. Comparing Louis’s suit style to Harvey’s it showcases the difference in their personality and approach to work. Harvey shows less emotion and is straight to the point, whereas Louis tends to wear his heart on his sleeve and also isn’t afraid to showcase his eccentric personality through his wardrobe.
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